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Sukita Reay Crimmel - Earthen floor specialist, Mud Devotee, Storyteller, Painter
Sukita graduated from the University of Oregon in 1999.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a minor in Architecture.  Designing for passive heating, cooling and day lighting are some of the most valuable skills she came away with.  While playing in the mud her passion for natural building was sparked. 

In 2011 Sukita started Claylin, llc, a natural building material manufacturing company.
  Claylin, llc offers earthen building materials, education and consultation.

In 2014 Sukita, along with James Thomson and New Society Publishers, published Earthen Floors, A Modern Approach to and Ancient Practice. A technical guide to create, install and maintain your modern earthen floor.

New adventures in creative expression are present.

I have some stories to share, here is my first time telling a story as a storyteller.


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