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"Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the hard won treasures of your experience!  In an hour and a half I learned what I needed to embark on my own exploration creating finished earthen floors.  The tricks of this trade, especially the oiling and waxing, are hard to find and sift through.  You have saved me uncertainty, time and airfare.
As an avid mudder, I was delighted to find a true master from which to glean the process details that I was looking for.  Way to make good on your marketing claims Mud Girl!"

Andrew Mckay
Wakefield, QC, Canada
Ecological Construction
Research, Development & Education

"We so enjoyed working with Sukita on our earthen floor.  She is a delight and I now share her passion for earthen floors.  In fact if I knew then what I know now I would have put earthen floors on my entire main floor, instead of some earthen floor and some concrete.  Earthen floors are fabulous with radiant floor heating too!"

Julie and Bob Granger - Their earthen floor was featured on Renovation Nation

"There's a couple of photos of our clay floor in Sukita's gallery, the "Hearth tiles" and "Welcome tiles" and one of our interior cob wall in the projects gallery. We love our floor for its wonderful feel under our feet, handsome color, and warmth. We enjoyed designing the floor with Sukita, she helped us imbed our Hungarian and Belgian tiles to create a hearth and transitions at doors. She's a joy to work with and a wonderful artisan."

Michael O'Brien and Vana O'Brien - Clients who have an earthen floor in the dining room, living room, entry area and away room as well as a hand sculpted cob wall we worked on together.

" Sukita is an absolute pleasure to work with. She exudes a light playful energy that perfectly balances her professionalism and hard working nature. Her beautiful earthen plaster transforms any room, bringing it to life and at the same time giving it a grounded nurturing feel.  Everyone who enters my house immediately takes notice and expresses how amazing it is. "

Brandon Stewart - A client who has three bedrooms and hallway plastered all different colors.

"Sukita Crimmel is one of the most talented ecological builders in this region. Her skills in building are exceeded only by her ability to work well with people in any setting. Sukita is a clear communicator, patient teacher, and fair negotiator. With her ability to focus and follow through, her attention to detail and technical skill, she is able to make any building project a pleasure, whether it is for a private client or a public involvement workshop. The best thing about Sukita Crimmel is that, no matter how you work with her, you will surely want her to be your friend."

Mark Lakeman - Co-Director, Creative Vision The City Repair Project Portland, Oregon and lead at Communitecture

As long as I have known Sukita she has played a vital roll in keeping the Portland Chapter of the NW Eco-Building Guild alive and well. I can always count on her to accomplish what she commits to achieving. She is always motivated and generous with her time. Her genuine commitment to creating ecological human habitats is inspiring and contagious. When her job is done you will find yourself with a new life and a new friend.

Russell Theodore Holzinger - Western Columbia Chapter  NW EcoBuilding Guild

Sukita is one of the most remarkable builders I am honored to know. Her talents, astute eye for structure and magic hands are just the tip of the iceberg. It has always been a joy to work with her, or even just see her work. Not only is what she does a work of beauty and ecology, her personality and lovely soul come shining through all that she does, from plaster to infectious laughter.

Lydia Doleman - Flying Hammer Productions; Strawbale and natural construction

After having an opportunity to collaborate with Sukita on a building project, I can honestly say that I was thoroughly impressed. Sukita’s vast array of experience and skills are quite remarkable, however it is her artistic ability that makes her work unparalleled. Sukita also cares more about her client’s satisfaction than any builder I have ever worked with.

Brandon Smyton - Inclined By Nature, Natural Builder


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