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Adobe and Earthen Floors

Earthen Floor Earthen floors are an ancient type of floor and they are experiencing a renaissance.  From These Hands has worded with earthen floors since 2000.  Born of this experience, Sukita has developed a ready mix line of earthen floors called Claylin.  From These Hands is proud to be a certified Claylin installer.  We are also available to work with clients that want to use materials from their own site.

Claylin, a green product, maybe even brown!
  • Can be installed on grade and on a framed floor or concrete slab.
  • Can be installed into new and remodel construction.
  • Can be poured around radiant heating systems (electric and hydronic)..
  • Has a slight give that is kind to the body.
  • Can be designed to use in passive solar designs.
  • As a 1" finish Claylin costs start at $9/sq.ft. to install.  Design, thickness, access, color are some of the price factors.  Contact us now for a free estimate.
  • LEED credits for MR2-Construction Waste, MR3 Material Reuse, MR4.1 Recycled Content, MR5 Regional Material.
  • Takes 3-8 weeks to from start to finish.
  • 1 year warranty with the option to buy a 10 year service warranty. 
  • We have walked on 30 year old beautiful earthen floors, like leather they will last with care, and they are easy to love.
From These Hands, LLC
  • Consults with architects, contractors, real estate agents and home owners for the best design details, construction schedule and added values to a home.
  • Contracts to install Claylin floors into new and remodel projects.
  • Works with home owners to use on site materials to create their own earthen floor.
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